Sunday, April 19, 2009

Times Columnist Takes Apart Texas Governor's Secessionist Talk

New York Times columnist Gail Collins does an effective job today dissecting the bluster and over-the-top rhetoric of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a man who's looking less and less ready for prime time. 

Perry, speaking Wednesday to the Tea Party bunch of anti-tax, anti-Obama, anti-everything folks in Austin, made lots of noise about Texas seceding from the U.S. 

It was crazy talk, of course, and Collins nails Perry and his ilk for such irresponsible mouthing off, one of many hyperbolic statements made last week by the Tea Party types. 

Collins asks: 
[W]hat about my country, right or wrong? Weren’t there complaints, some from Texan quarters, during the last election that Barack Obama seemed insufficiently up front about his love of country? Isn’t threatening to dissolve the union over the stimulus package a little less American than failure to wear a flag pin?
Very good question. Read the Collins column  here


Tulsan said...

Maybe those Texas tea partiers need to form a new political party instead of seceding. The Teabaggers.

The remains of the GOP might be absorbed into the Democratic Party, or the GOP might attract back some Democrats, having ejected their troublesome core.

This GOP would be more competitive. The practical Steve Schmidt would have something to work with for a change.

The 'Baggers could party on, untroubled by the need to win elections.

comradi0 said...

You had to love that neither McCain nor Palin at any debate wore a flag lapel pin. Obama and Biden did to every one.

Of course, these types of things don't sink into these people. They'll just getting rowled but cause they don't like him.

Anonymous said...

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Ed W said...

I'm thinking that since the right has their tea parties, those of us on the left should have...

...and crumpets parties!

Please note that I do not mean the little snack cakes.

Man of the West said...

As soon as I ran across this little trip down memory lane, I thought of this post, and you, and how much you might enjoy it.

Tulsan said...

Hey now, I called for a 'Bagger party, not secession by Texas or Vermont.

But the link you post validly reminds of when the shoe was on the other foot. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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