Sunday, April 26, 2009

The GOP Rush Apology Tour: A Slide Show of Republican Genuflecting

For those of you keeping score at home, the Republican Party continues its unblemished record of Rush Limbaugh butt-kissing.

The folks over at Talking Points Memo have compiled a useful slide show of GOP apologies, complete with quotes and photos.
Check out the foolishness here.


Tulsan said...

Rush said today:

"Obama goes to Mexico -- they have an earthquake. Obama goes to Mexico -- get pig flu."

The soul of the GOP on display, ladies and gentlemen.

Tulsan said...

Digby on the GOP:

"It was the hubris that put them over the edge, I think. The strutting, the arrogance, the pettiness with which they governed made their failure all the more obvious. Now they have lost the economic Republicans and even many national security Republicans which leaves them at the mercy of their tea bag dittoheads and the hard core social conservatives. As long as they have a stranglehold on the party it's going to be tough to build out from that.

"They'll be back and sooner than we want if the economy stays stagnant too long or gets worse. After all, it wasn't that long ago that people were comparing Democrats to neutered farm animals. But they had it all, every branch of government, and they very publicly blew it in nearly every way possible from terrorist attacks, quagmires, catastrophic incompetence in a major natural disaster to full blown economic meltdown. It's hard to see them making an early comeback. But you never know --- things sometimes move very quickly and events have a way of shifting things. Still, at this moment, they are well and truly screwed."

Tulsan said...

Josh Marshall today addresses a point I was trying to make a couple of weeks ago in another thread here about "-isms" in general and conservatism in particular:

"The question is just how President Bush's actual tenure in office differs from previous Republican leaders who remain firmly in the pantheon.

"I would start by casting off Goldwater because you really cannot compare candidacies, which are inherently aspirational and since they have no power can combine all sorts of totally contradictory impulses and be all things to all people. Along the same lines, political philosophies aren't based in pundits or really good books. They're a matter of political movements -- parties, records in office, political institutions, all of which exist in the fallen world of constrained options in the real world."

Communism can be viewed as a shining ideal as long as it remains confined to the abstract, but you must look at how the actual movement played out in the real world. And that's not a pretty picture.

Nor is conservatism, observed in its actual habitat; Marshall compares W with Reagan in his blog item, "Conservatism, Amnesia and Denial"

Tulsan said...

Just stumbled across the same point in a blog, about a completely different domain, Information Technology:

"Bottom line for me is that ITIL is like Communism/Socialism - it is the greatest thing on the planet on paper and makes perfect sense. But start involving people in it and the whole thing inevitably becomes corrupt - because people are corrupt, want power and influence, and don't want a service to work, as basking in reflected glory isn't half as fun as, or full of kudos as, being Red Adair."

Tulsan said...

A speculation about why the various "-isms" play out in the real world as they do:

"Conservatism," "Libertarianism," "Communism" as abstractions each attract different constellations of personality types. This may partially account for the way each tends to mutate or corrupt into a familiar contour differing from the stated ideal.

Tulsan said...

A personality type that resides almost exclusively in the GOP today: The Paranoid Style in American Politics.

The words in this 1964 essay could have been written afresh today with little alteration.

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