Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Paranoia from the GOP: Government Spying on Anti-Abortion Rally

Republican National Party Chairman Michael Steele is the gift that keeps on giving. His short tenure as GOP chief has been marked by numerous errors and gaffs.

Steele's most recent paranoid moment came this week at an Indiana anti-abortion rally. Here's Steele's amazing quote:

They’ve got their eye on the 3,000 Americans who assembled in Indiana last night, in Evansville, Indiana, to profess their continued effort to save the life of the unborn. … I’m sure there was somebody in the room with a notepad and a camera taking snapshots and writing down names. But that’s not the place our government needs to be.

Where our government needs to be is on that border, securing that border. Where our government needs to be is overseas and in the backhalls and rooms of the Middle East to make sure that we’re not suffering another terrorist attack here at home.

And what is Steele's evidence for government alleged spying? He's got—nothing. None. No evidence whatsoever. Not a shred. Which is another way of saying he made it up.


Tulsan said...

Projection, as usual.

Anonymous said...

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