Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sen. Coburn's Town Hall Brings Out the Obama Conspiracy Types

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn held some town hall meetings this week, taking the time to meet with his constituents. Coburn appeared in Sapulpa and Tulsa, drawing a good crowd in both cities. 

Unfortunately, Coburn also attracted a few political zanies (to put it politely). The Tulsa World reported this week that Coburn "traded Bible lessons with a constituent worried about President Barack Obama's religion." 

Fact check: Obama is a professed Christian. On Sunday, for instance, Obama celebrated Easter at a Christian church in Washington. 

Another constituent criticized Coburn for hugging Obama on national television. For this citizen, notions of "brotherly love" and "turning the other cheek" are somehow evil, apparently. 

Then there was Coburn's own faint praise for Obama. "At least with this guy, we know where he is. He's hard left," Coburn said. By "hard left," Coburn seems to mean something horrible. 

But since January 20, Obama has tackled the recession in a number of ways, several of which show signs of working. He's restored a sense in confidence among U.S. consumers, as the stock market and his high poll numbers show. 

He's also begun the restoration of the U.S. reputation on the international stage, a move likely to yield benefits in foreign affairs in future years. 

He stood up to international pirates, giving the military license to use their skills to "take out" the bad guys and save the U.S. captain. (Note: Glenn Beck prematurely ridiculed Obama's unwillingness to do just this, demonstrating the moronic nature of Beckian political claptrap.)

Unlike the rumor-mongers at Coburn's town hall meetings and the doom-sayers and hysterians at yesterday's tea parties, there is a factual record of presidential competence and accomplishment that shows great promise for the nation and its citizens.

If that's "hard left," sign us up. 


Tulsan said...

Hey, am I clairvoyant or what?

I previously said here that the GOP would be the first party to run an openly gay candidate.

Looks as though Rove protege Steve Schmidt might agree:

Former top McCain adviser Steve Schmidt is planning to use a Friday speech to the Log Cabin Republicans to urge the GOP to drop its opposition to same-sex marriage.

"I'm confident American public opinion will continue to move on the question toward majority support, and sooner or later the Republican Party will catch up to it," Schmidt plans to say according to excerpts provided to ABC News.

Schmidt's push for Republicans to endorse same-sex marriage comes as his party is grappling with a string of gay rights victories in Iowa, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

Lamont Cranston said...

You are aware that Coburn and Obama are reasonably close on a personal level, right?

Anonymous said...

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