Monday, December 8, 2008

Wingnuts Lose in Obama Citizenship Case

As AltTulsa has been reporting, some conservative activists (read: black helicopter conspiracy types) have insisted that Barack Obama can't be president because he's not really a citizen. 

According to these sources, Obama's U.S. birth certificate doesn't exist or may be a fake or perhaps he was born in Indonesia or in Kenya or some other foreign place that disqualifies him from office.

Besides, he's a secret Muslim and there's got to be some kind of Constitutional ban on people like that ruling a Christian Nation, right? 

Sadly, some of the people pushing this nonsense live right here in Oklahoma, even in Tulsa. (Check out the ravings at Tulsa Today, picked up and repeated by The McCarville Report Online. Wonder when these good ole boys will apologize for misleading their readers?) 

Today, the delusions of the right were dashed once again when the Supreme Court declined to hear the latest bogus appeal from people with way too much time on their hands. 

Read all about today's court decision here. For an extensive debunking of these ideas and a helpful discussion of the psychology of conspiracies from, click here


Summer said...

Sadly the crazies are everywhere. Once this gets tossed out they'll just find something else to screech about, then something else, then something else. They'll never give up.

Tulsan said...

This should help them get all the respect they deserve---none. They certainly don't need to be anywhere near the levers of power.