Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Gun Lobby Takes a Hit, Except in Soonerland

Right here in the Reddest of the Red States (read: Oklahoma), we love our guns. Every Sooner oughta have three or four for huntin'—or just in case.

But as the New York Times pointed out this week, the 2008 election didn't turn out so well for the pro-gun folks. After November, the gun lobby's vaunted political clout may be waning, at least beyond the borders of Soonerland.

The National Rifle Association's many attacks on Barack Obama, for example, was characterized by "false, misleading, and…ineffective ads, fliers, mailers, and Web postings…," the Times editorial noted.

Indeed, Obama won several states "with heavy gun ownership, including Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania." In addition, the NRA endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. She lost. The NRA endorsed Bob Schaffer in Colorado. He lost.

NRA-endorsed candidates also lost in 20 congressional races (out of 25), hardly a measure of political power, the Times noted. (Read the entire editorial here.)

Is this the end of the NRA? Hardly. But it may be a sign that the NRA's "sky is falling" rhetoric may be losing its appeal, at least in other states.

Here in Oklahoma, no such luck. All us Sooners need more guns, really big ones.

You never know when some secret Muslim socialist from Illinois will try to grab 'em from us.


Tulsan said...

"You never know when some secret Muslim socialist from Illinois will try to grab 'em from us."

Especially one who won't produce his birth certificate. Right, McCarville?

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