Friday, December 12, 2008

Coburn Won't, but White House Will, Help the U.S. Auto Industry

Sen. Tom Coburn, always the frugal (read: tightwad) Republican, voted against the auto bailout plan last night. Today, Coburn was outranked by another Republican. 

President George Bush has now signaled his willingness to help the struggling Detroit automakers, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. 

Here's a quote from the WSJ summing up the president's plan: 
White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the administration would consider tapping the $700 billion government pool—known as the Troubled Asset Relief Plan—that was created ahead of the November election to calm turmoil in financial markets. 
Very interesting. Coburn is ready to let the U.S. industry fail (as are the voters, if the polls are right), but not even George Bush wants to see a huge sector of the U.S. economy collapse on his watch. 

For an alternative Oklahoma perspective on the GOP's attacks on workers, see Doc Hoc's blog here


Tulsan said...

Coburn's interest in government waste is very nice. But he seems to have a problem with priorities.

While he's adjusting the O-ring to stop a dripping faucet, water is gushing from the main in the front yard.

Bryan Lower said...

Not even George Bush is so conservative that he wants to be today's Herbert Hoover. These smug Republican Senators can stand on their "principles" because they know the White House will act if they do not.

The failure of the U.S. auto industry would be like an atom bomb going off in the middle of the economy. People in power-- people who actually have to govern-- can't rest on their comfortable principles while the country goes to hell.

Tom Coburn thinks *everything* is government waste. He will play "government waste" on his fiddle while Rome burns. In the meatime, the biggest thing the government is wasting is time.