Monday, December 15, 2008

Palin-speak Makes the Top Ten Media Feuds

Advertising Age, one of the industry's most important mouthpieces, is out with its Top Ten Media Feuds for 2008. Some are predictable (Google vs. Yahoo, for instance), while others are, well, merely sad. 

The one we like best has to do with the Savior of the Republican Party, none other than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Ad Age summed up her media feud this way: 
Sarah Palin vs. the English Language
Here's a sample of the Palin problem: "[S]he…regarded the English language as her own rambling, substance-free Bridge to Nowhere." Ouch! 

See Ad Age's complete Media Feud list here

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Tulsan said...

Who Will Ape McCain Brand Suicide With Embrace of Palin?:

"Now, Sarah Palin certainly still has fierce defenders but it's safe to say that most Americans who endured her clueless blithering during her Katie Couric interview or her air-headed schoolgirl giggling and mortifying gullibility during that unfortunate prank call with "President Sarkozy" came to regard her as a dissembling idiot."