Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Republican Senators (Hint: Inhofe, Coburn) Undermine U.S. Financial Position

The GOP true believers are extraordinarily doctrinaire. That accounts for their noisy opposition to every government plan to save the economy.

Federal assistance to the auto industry, for example, has been panned by Republican members of the U.S. Senate, including Oklahoma's economic dinosaur, Jim Inhofe.

But as columnist Eugene Robinson pointed out recently in the Tulsa World, this opposition puts them at odds with "the current administration, the incoming administration, a majority in the House of Representatives and Democrats in the Senate…."

It also puts the GOP senators and their party "against unions, against America's domestic industrial patrimony, [and] against the blue-collar working class…."

Oklahoma Sens. Inhofe and Coburn, Alabama's Richard Shelby and Tennessee's Bob Corker are pushing their party so far to the right that there may be no one left to vote for the Republicans except Southern white men over 50.

That's hardly a realistic base for a national party, but that appears to be the future than the GOP senators have planned for the Republicans.

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Tulsan said...

The angry white Southern guys are drawing their wagons in an increasingly tight circle, e.g. the "Barack the Magic Negro" song.

I hope they keep it up. I'd love to see them continue to shrink their political power.