Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rush in Fantasyland: More Liberal Conspiracies from Radio Blowhard

Rush Limbaugh has about much credibility as The National Enquirer. The Enquirer reports on fad diets, Hollywood scandal and the like, while Limbaugh simply says whatever nonsense pops into his fat head.

That would explain El Rushbo's latest pronouncement on the liberal conspiracy to ruin the economy and thus help Obama and the Congressional Democrats. Of course! It makes so much sense.

Here are Limbaugh's exact words. Note that Rush cites no evidence, none. He doesn't have any. But Rush was never much interested in evidence.
Who’s benefiting? Aside from the people being bailed out.The Democrat [sic] party and Barack Obama are benefiting.

They got elected, they increased their numbers in the House, they increased their numbers in the Senate, they got the White House now, and they’ve got a crisis that people think can only be fixed with the all-mighty and powerful government interceding to save this or to save that, when in fact, the government is going to nationalize the automobile industry. It’s going to nationalize some banks. It’s going to nationalize the mortgage industry, and may end up nationalizing the automobile industry.


Tulsan said...

Rush will continue spouting whatever nonsense pops into his fat head as long as there are dummies out there willing to listen.

Monk-in-Training said...

It never ceases to amaze me about the far right wing conspiracy theorists. They will say one thing one month (there IS no recession) then when it is no longer deniable, it was the Democrats fault! LOL People that can remember longer than an hour just laugh and sigh.