Friday, December 19, 2008

Mother Jones Video from the Fringe: Still Hoping (and Praying) to Stop Obama

These folks really, really need a hobby. Inventing legal theories to fulfill your own private presidential fantasies hasn't been working out so well.


Yogi said...

It is easy to dismiss this particular group of morons but the OKC bombing showed me the power of morons to wreak havoc.

Tulsan said...

Yeah, we in Oklahoma seem to have that kind of power out the wazoo.

Tulsan said...

They are in denial. They still have anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance to work through.

Daniel the Mad Scientist said...

So...rather than inventing a controversy and inevitably go down in flames for their lost cause, why not devote their energy and resources to voicing conservative issues to the Obama administration? People would be MUCH less likely to brush them aside as a bunch of morons if they attempted to participate in their government in a constructive manner.

Your preferred candidate didn't get elected. Well, that's all the more reason to work hard within the system to get your voice heard. Very, very few people give credibility to an argument that is not rooted in logic, fact, and the law.

Well, aside from matters of religion, that is.

Tulsan said...

Speaking of idiots, The Lost Ogle has declared Brent Rinehart "Idiot of the Year" for 2008.

His absurdly crude comic book supporting his conservative candidacy was discussed here earlier this year.