Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oklahoma Health Report Card: We're (Yikes!) a Long Way from #1

Hey, it could be worse. We could live in Texas or, heaven help us, Louisiana.

We're talking about a study released today from three national health agencies, a study that ranks the states from the most healthy to the least.

Vermont is #1;
Louisiana is dead last, # 50.

Oklahoma is in relatively poor health, ranking only #44. The Sooner state is just behind Arkansas (#43) and just ahead of Florida (#45) and Texas (#46).

Other healthy states: Hawaii (#2), New Hampshire (#3), Minnesota (#4), and Utah (#5).

Some unhealthy states: Mississippi (#49), South Carolina (#48), and Tennessee (#47).

And what about our neighbor to the north, the Great State of Kansas? They came in at a fairly terrific #22! (We better compare ourselves to Missouri, which posted a relatively weak ranking of #38.)

The rankings were based on four factors, including personal behaviors (smoking, drinking, obesity), community and environmental factors (crime, disease rates), public health figures (insurance and immunization rates), and health care factors (including primary care physicians).

This helps explain Utah's high ranking (clean-living Mormons), as well as Oklahoma's low status (lots of smokers, heavy people, poor insurance rates and fewer doctors).

We like Oklahoma, but Kansas is suddenly looking a lot more attractive.


Tulsan said...

But how 'bout them Sooners?

J said...

Link to the study?