Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yet More Fractures in GOP River Response

The Tulsa World headline says a lot: "Sullivan supports river tax."

That's right, Sooner fans, Tulsa's reliably reactionary congressman, Republican John Sullivan, actually supports a plan to raise sales tax by 0.4 cents to fund a multimillion dollar improvement to the Arkansas River.

"On Oct. 9, I will be voting yes," Sullivan said in a riverside press conference Friday.

Why would Rep. Sullivan take a position guaranteed to tick off all his anti-tax Republican supporters? It's a good question.

All we know is what Sullivan told the World. "This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will allow private and public entities to work together to produce a riverfront which will bring pride to our city," Sullivan said. "The time for Tulsa is now," Sullivan added.

Pride in Tulsa—what a concept.

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