Monday, September 24, 2007

Blog Fight: River Tax Splits Tulsa Republicans

In a posting at Tulsa Today, blogger David Arnett fires both barrels at fellow Tulsa blogger and activist Michael Bates of Batesline. The topic, not surprisingly, is the upcoming vote over a sales tax increase to fund Arkansas River improvements.

Arnett v. Bates: It's getting nasty out there, folks.

According to Arnett, Bates is "a self-aggrandizing pundit." Arnett then proceeds to criticize Bates, his personality, and his political style.

Arnett also reveals more of the increasingly angry split within the Tulsa County Republican Party, which seems to feature the pro-growth group (sometimes called the Mid-town Elitists) and the anti-tax agitators, a group that includes Bates, former city councilor Chris Medlock, and others.

At the end of his verbal blast, Arnett challenges Bates to a public debate, man to man, fact against fact. Stand by for that.

Meanwhile, check out Arnett's posting at Tulsa Today. And stand by for a spirited push back from Bates here.


Tulsan said...

A "Golden Oldie"...Bates calling Arnett the "scum of the earth" on Michael DelGiorno's KFAQ show. Download the MP3 to hear it in all its glory!

Tulsan said...

I'm not a fan of either Arnett or Bates. Arnett kneecapped his own credibility with his comparison of Bates and the Unabomber. He nevertheless scored some direct hits, such as this: "Bates could save himself money by printing signs with the word 'NO' and be ready in advance of any question."

Mad Okie said...

Im Pro Growth and Anti Tax... you cant tax yourself into prosperity. Its about priorities. If this passes, where will the money to fix our roads come from?