Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Wars Continue: OKC's McCarville Slams Okie Funk's 'Doc Hoc'

The rhetorical guns keep firing in Oklahoma's blogsphere.

The latest example comes from Mike McCarville of The McCarville Report Online. McCarville, a proud NRA member and rock-ribbed conservative, takes aim at Okie Funk, a liberal blog run by "Doc Hoc," an English professor at Edmond's UCO.

In a posting today, McCarville points to the "garbage this ultra-liberal moonbat pedals on his blog." Garbage? Moonbat? So much for a civil tone in Okie cyberspace.

As it happens, we like Doc Hoc and his blog, even when we disagree with the good professor. After all, a free and open society needs all sorts of ideas and opinions, including "ultra-liberal" and —yes!—"ultraconservative" viewpoints.

Let Doc Hoc have his say. He's got Okie readers and a right to speak his mind. Besides, it's not as if Oklahoma is going to change from a Red State to a Blue State anytime soon. But Doc Hoc keeps pushing.


Dan Paden said...

I hope to be a proud ultra-conservative someday when I grow up...

Tulsan said...

McCarville is just another foot soldier in the online Redstate army, slogging along, advancing the Republican talking point of the day.

The Petraeus ad baldly stated the facts. Classic GOP defense as taught by Professor Rove is a full-on frontal attack. To the Congressional Democrats' discredit, they fell in line once again.

My contributions will go to MoveOn.

Tulsan said...

McCarville: "...garbage this ultra-liberal moonbat PEDALS on his blog."

As a right-wing journalist, he needs to keep a closer eye on his, homophones.

Dan Paden said...

Merciful Lord in Heaven! Rovian tactics may be currently in vogue, but that hardly makes them "classic!"

Tulsan said...

Rove's tactics (e.g., Swiftboating) have been effective, but there is little excuse for Democrats to keep falling for the same stuff. They may be trying to make up for their foolish acquiescence to the MoveOn censure with some well-deserved attention to Limbaugh's attack on the military.