Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gundy's Outburst Makes Him a Web 'Star'

It was as predictable as the Oklahoma sunrise: OSU's Mike Gundy is now an unfortunate YouTube™ star and media punching bag.

As every Oklahoman knows by now, Gundy turned his postgame press conference Saturday into an attack on a columnist for The Daily Oklahoman. The cameras captured a very angry coach blasting the writer in defense of an OSU player criticized by the columnist.

Although OSU supporters have rallied to Gundy's defense, it was not Gundy's finest hour. His video is all the rage on YouTube and a hot topic on sports talk radio. Gundy's performance has also been reviewed by sportswriters and columnists across the nation. They were not amused.

Here's a sampling of some Gundy references we found this week:
Stillwater Wacko

The Eruption of Mount Gundy

Gundy Gone Wild

Mike "I'm a man! I'm 40!" Gundy

It gets worse. There are barbs about "anger-management class," about Gundy "crossing the line," about his "being dishonest with the media." Some sports talkers are calling for Gundy to be sanctioned or fired. Others ask: What kind of example is the coach setting for his players?

Let's face it, Cowpoke fans, Saturday's outburst has made Gundy a national figure. But in this case, it's not a good thing.

Oh, we almost forgot: OSU won the game in a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback against Texas Tech. But who's talking about that?

UPDATE: We see in the press that OSU is reporting that 95 percent of the calls to Gundy's office are supportive. Well, of course they would be. OSU fans are standing by their coach.

The problem is that many thousands of other people will see Gundy's outburst on YouTube and other sites for years to come. In addition, many sportscasters and OSU opponents will keep this memory alive. Whenever Gundy's name comes up in national circles, Saturday's temper tantrum will resurface.

We're not saying this is right or fair. We're just saying it's the reality in the digital age, a time when embarrassing events take on a life of their own—and never die.

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Maria said...

While some are opposed to his outburst, I support what Gundy did.


Because my husband was a collegiate basketball player (division I), and I know all too well how reporters speculate and twist statements and facts to suit their needs. Often times the same writers who are nailing NCAA athletes for not being smart enough (after all they are there to get an education!) or good enough academically and morally are the same ones writing crap about those who do do the right thing in the classroom and life but aren't out there scoring 20 points a game...or throwing 7 touchdown passes.

Anyway, good for Gundy. I don't necessarily like other choices/decisions he's made, but in this case, I applaud him for standing up for his player.