Friday, September 21, 2007

Trouble in "No" Land: Tulsa GOP Fractures Over River Tax

Over at Tulsa's Batesline, blogger Michael Bates finds himself in the middle of a GOP debate over the upcoming Arkansas River vote.

From what we can tell, a recent Bates column in Urban Tulsa Weekly raised hackles among some Tulsa County Republican women. One prominent such person, Nancy Rothman, president of the Tulsa County Republican Women's Club, responded to Bates in an extensive news release, which, to his credit, Bates has posted on his blog.

This isn't our battle, so we'll let others sort out who's who and what's what among Tulsa County Republicans. But it's refreshing to see the local GOP behaving like Democrats—that is, as an unorganized political party.

Read all about it over at Batesline.

P.S.—For the record, we agree with Bates that a debate should include two sides of an issue. On the other hand, we wouldn't presume to tell any group of Republican women how to run their own meeting.


Tulsan said...

Ms. Feldman said in her release:

"The real message he (Bates) is sending is, 'Conform to me and my way of doing things, or I'll demonize you and destroy your life.'"

Let's consider a few of Bates' role models, Limbaugh, Malkin, and DelGiorno. Now how could Feldman possibly impute such a message to Bates?

Tulsan said...

Oops, that's Nancy Rothman not Nancy Feldman. Both are uppity Tulsa females.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Rothman ? - Is that the same Republican Woman that refused to allow Congressman John Sullivan to speak at her meeting?