Monday, September 24, 2007

McCarthy's 'The Road' Wins Quill Book Award

AT likes to keep track of our favorite writers, one of whom is Cormac McCarthy. So we were pleased to see that McCarthy's latest novel, The Road, has won a Quill Book Award for general fiction.

We blogged about McCarthy's book some months back, pointing out the dark beauty of this end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it novel. Despite its bleak theme, there are rays of hope in The Road that make it an inspiring read.

By the way, another Quill winner was Al Gore's book, The Assault on Reason. We haven't read Gore's book, but the reviews we've seen have been intriguing.

For more on The Road, The Assault on Reason, and the Quill Awards, check out their website by clicking here.

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