Friday, September 14, 2007

Tasha Does Oklahoma Vineyards

The AT team has been known to savor the grape every now and again, so we were pleased to see that a local "culture blog," Tasha Does Tulsa, devoted a recent posting to some Tulsa-area vineyards.

Tasha offers some interesting statistics about the state's growing wine industry (who woulda thunk it?) and follows up with first-hand reports, interviews and tastings from several area vineyards. These include Stone Bluff Cellars, a few miles down Highway 64 from Bixby, Nuyaka Creek in Bristow, and Whispering Vines on West 51st Street in west Tulsa.

We've only been to Stone Bluff, but thanks to Tasha and friends, we'll be checking out some of the other Oklahoma vineyards soon. After all, the weather's cooler now and it's a treat to get out into the Oklahoma countryside and sip a little nectar of the vine.

For more on Oklahoma wines and winery events, click here.

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Natasha said...

Hey there! Glad you liked the post. This industry is one that I find is just so cool, and for someone who loves all that is home-grown, it doesn't get more home-grown than Oklahoma vineyards/wineries.

Hope you enjoy your vineyard hopping sessions this fall! Let me know how it goes, would ya?