Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AltTulsa Nominated for Okie Blog Award

We don't usually toot our own horn, as the saying goes, but we would like to acknowledge that Alternative Tulsa was nominated for a 2007 Okie Blog Award in the "political blog" category.

We have no idea who nominated us, but we appreciate the nomination. Since we started AltTulsa last November, we've tried to write at least one post a day, an output that far exceeds many older and better known Oklahoma blogs.

We have also tried to raise the level of political discourse around the Sooner state, something sorely needed in a world of blogosphere and talk radio cheap shots. We make an effort to avoid personal attacks, smear campaigns, and all the other claptrap that passes for intelligent political discussion these days.

We've also taken up the task of reporting on a variety of newspapers, magazines, websites, and movies, part of an effort to introduce new ideas and energy into the cultural life of Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma.

Finally, a thanks to our readers, in Tulsa and elsewhere. We've been gratified by the private and public comments we've received, even those that disagreed with our viewpoints. As far as we are concerned, disagreement and argument are an important part of the democratic process and we're pleased to have made a small contribution.

By the way, if you want to vote for us (or anyone else) in the Okie Blog Awards, click here.


Tulsan said...

AT is extremely deserving of the "Best Political Blog" award. The breadth and thoughtfulness of the posts, should, in a just world, make it a shoo-in.

Alternative Tulsa said...

tulsan: You are too kind. Thanks for reading and your frequent comments.