Monday, August 13, 2007

WaPo Writer Nails the Rove Legacy

Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post on the legacy of departing Bush advisor Karl Rove:
After years of being lauded as a political genius, Rove nevertheless leaves his party in worse shape than he found it, with his boss profoundly discredited in the eyes of the American people.


Tulsan said...

Meanwhile, back in the desert:

A huge black-market transaction between Iraqi and Italian partners was stopped by Italian authorities. The deal: more than 100,000 Russian-made automatic weapons to be shipped into Iraq:

Yahoo News

Looks like someone will be putting the 190,000 AK-47s we recently "lost" to use, after all.

Leahy intends to get to the bottom of Rove's involvement in the Plame case and the federal attorney firings. Go get him, Pat.

Dan Paden said...

I was tired of Rove, too; it has seemed to me that his political strategy was to run from Reagan conservatism--the stuff that rolled up a huge landslide for the Republicans--and try for the great mushy middle. In trying to please everybody, it seems that today's Republicans please nobody. To my mind, that's a disturbingly big part of what Rove brought to the table.

Tulsan said...

Actually, the strategy that failed Rove in 2006 was to hone in on core Republicans only, rather than cater to independents. His idea was that there wasn't much play in the latter's numbers; therefore, he wanted to get out all the vote from the base.

Tulsan said...

Reference this article by Wayne Slater, one of the authors of "Bush's Brain":

Dan Paden said...

Problem is, he hosed the base!

Tulsan said...

By the way, Rove is described as a "self-proclaimed agnostic" in "The Architect" by James C. Moore and Slater. I wonder if Rove's non-religion made any difference to Bush, or to the evangelicals whom Rove targeted as a linchpin of his strategy.