Saturday, August 4, 2007

Medlock's Ethics Take Another Hit

Today's Tulsa World editorial page takes a swipe at the ethics of former city councilor and current radio talker Chris Medlock.

According to the editorial, Medlock has been receiving offical city e-mails intended for his successor, Councilor Rick Westcott. These e-mails give Medlock information he can use on his radio show to spout off about perceived mismanagement at city hall.

The World points out that Westcott was a Medlock supporter when Medlock was the subject of a recall campaign and "is understandably upset that Medlock kept quiet about receiving the e-mails."

We'd be upset too. But we can't say we're too surprised about Medlock's silence. With Medlock, it was always more bluster than substance.


Dan Paden said...

But doggone it, he makes for darned entertaining radio.

Tulsan said...

I haven't listened to Medlock. But then, I only tuned in DelGiorno when a Republican candidate got defeated, like when Henry beat Largent. DelGiorno's boo-hooing and bad-sportiveness was really satisfying.

Medlock looked like a chump when the World revealed that he did not possess the master's degree he relentlessly touted to the other councilors. He is just a rabble-rouser.