Friday, August 24, 2007

Sen. Inhofe's Rumor Mongering: How Low Will He Go?

Tulsa's very own font of misinformation and right-wing crazy talk, Sen. Jim Inhofe, is at it again. Speaking in Broken Arrow this week, the former Tulsa mayor couldn't resist passing along the latest anti-Hillary Clinton rumor.

According to Inhofe, Sen. Clinton has sent a her "hit squad" after her Democratic rival, Illinois Sen. Barak Obama. Clinton's supposed agents have accused Obama, in Inhofe's words, "of being a Muslim, and smoking and all of this stuff."

These kinds of rumors feed the talk-radio crowd, even (or especially) when they aren't true. These particular Obama stories, in fact, can be traced not to Hillary Clinton or her campaign but to an Internet-based "urban legend" that we've received at least three times. It's filled with anti-Obama smears and looks to be the work of right-wing paranoia, not Sen. Clinton or anyone on her staff.

But leave it to Inhofe to repeat such nonsense with a straight face—and a total lack of evidence.

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Tulsan said...

Maybe Karl Rove can become Inhofe's Brain.