Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Former Tulsan Chronicles His Life in Art

Speaking of Tulsa writers (see Michael Wallis post below), former Tulsan and wild man painter Joe Andoe got a good notice last week from Janet Maslin, one of the literary lions of the New York Times.

The occasion was the publication of Andoe's illustrated autobiography, Jubilee City: A Memoir at Full Speed. The book, recently issued by William Morrow, is an expanded version of a privately printed 2005 book on Andoe's early years in Tulsa and as a big-time New York painter.

According to Maslin, Andoe was a teenage terror in Tulsa. His family life was raucous and Andoe learned early on "the low art of coming unmoored."

Despite this shaky start, Andoe escaped the confining atmosphere of T-Town and made himself a success in the Big Apple. According to the Times, Andoe uses his book to settle some old scores, including a Tulsa museum that refused to show his work until it came in as part of a traveling show from the Metropolitan Museum.

We confess we don't know much about Andoe or his art. But based on the Times review, we're eager to learn more—especially the name of that provincial museum.

We were remiss in not pointing out the Tulsa World's July 29 story on Andoe. Writer James Watts reviews Jubilee City in greater depth than the Times and even gives a link to Andoe's website, www.joeandoe.com.


Tulsan said...

The Tulsa World carried this story about Andoe last month: http://tulsaworld.com/entertainment/article.aspx?articleID=070728_8_H8_spanc68258

Alternative Tulsa said...

tulsan: Yor are exactly right. We overlooked that story, but have now corrected the post.

Anonymous said...

Joe maintains a presence here in Tulsa. I run a web site that sells Joe's prints:


Locals are invited to come see the work in my Tulsa showroom. Contact info is online.

Tulsan said...

NPR just did a story on Joe: