Saturday, August 25, 2007

AT Update: Movies, Music & More

AltTulsa tries its best to keep up on a wide variety of ideas and activities, including things political, literary and cultural. Here's an update on some of the things we have been following this month.

First, a movie update. We trekked over to the Circle Cinema last night for the Oklahoma opening of Four Sheets to the Wind, a film directed by Sterlin Harjo. Harjo, a Tulsan, introduced the film and answered questions about it at the end of the screening.

We enjoyed Harjo's movie. It's a clear-eyed and sometimes funny exploration of a contemporary Oklahoma Indian fashot in and amily round Holdenville and Tulsa. It's also a sensitive work, perhaps too sensitive to appeal to the blockbuster mentality of the mall megaplex movie crowd.

The film will play again tonight and on Sunday at the Circle. We recommend Four Sheets to the Wind as an original and memorable movie, enhanced by its fine casting and acting.

Second, a musical update. We blogged a few days ago about the new CD by Kelly Willis, an alt-country singer-songwriter that we enjoy. So we were pleased to hear Ms. Willis on NPR's Weekend Edition this morning, singing and chatting with host Scott Simon.

Her radio appearance was enough to inspire us once again to plug this under appreciated singer. You're unlikely to hear her on the radio, but Kelly Willis is a special musical talent.

Finally, we hear that Tulsa will host next year's meeting of the National Preservation Conference, billed as "the premier educational gathering for historical preservation in the United States."

In a city that has lost many of its historic buildings, this meeting may be a good way to raise awareness about historic preservation in and around Tulsa. Check this space for more updates on this "Preservation in Progress" conference.

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