Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hillary Update Redux: $100 Grand in Tulsa

The AT bloggers didn't make it to the Hillary Clinton fundraiser the other day, but we did see that the New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate raised $100,000 at the Tulsa event.

That strikes us as a pretty good haul for someone named Clinton in a fairly Red City in a very Red State.

It seems unlikely that Hillary can win Oklahoma, but if she can come to Tulsa and raise this kind of cash, she may have something more than a fighting chance to carry some of those so-called Purple States.


Tulsan said...

I see that Inhofe may have a serious challnger: Andrew Rice.

Maybe there is hope for this Red city/state yet.

Jeff Shaw said...

Sure wish all the big $$ could stay in Tulsa. Just a waste of Money. 100k is pocket change to HC. Doesn't buy a thing around here.

Tulsan said...

I wish Cheney had left what was, no doubt, a much bigger sum, bagged here in Tulsa during his recent visit on behalf of Inhofe. I don't think Inhofe plans to plow it back into the local economy.