Friday, August 31, 2007

Snow's $168,000 Salary Not Enough to Stay at the White House

We'd like to extend best wishes to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Snow, who has announced his resignation on Sept. 14, is fighting cancer, so we can't blame him for resigning. We'd resign too under the circumstances.

In any case, we wish him well as he battles the disease.

That said, we do question one aspect of his explanation for leaving the White House: money. NBC reported today that Snow cited family finances as his reason for resigning. Here's part of the NBC story:

"If I had the dough I'd stay 'til the bitter end,” Snow told NBC News. As an assistant to the President, Snow earns the highest-level salary among White House officials at $168,000 a year.

Pardon our innocence, but is $168,000 really such a paltry salary? Maybe we're just used to paltry Oklahoma salaries, but it seems as if Snow and his family could get by on $168,000, even in Washington, D.C.


Tulsan said...

While Snow would be an even hotter property at Fox with his experience and knowledge of the White House, I think he is getting out while the getting is good. He can make more dough, but the White House medical insurance is the finest available.

Dan Paden said...

That sounds like a king's ransom to me, too, but then, the wife and I will be doing good to break forty grand this year, with four kids on hand.

On the other hand, as I have seen via the example of relatives, when you're used to making, say, 100 grand a year, and then your company goes south and all of a sudden you're only worth sixty grand a year, well--sixty grand just doesn't support the lifestyle that you almost unconsciously grew accustomed to on 100 grand. It's kind of weird. No matter how much you make, people in general seem to spend right up to the limit, and when the limits change, sometimes disaster ensues.

Tulsan said...

Interestingly, China has become a nation of savers, even as we have become a nation of borrowers and spenders.

---Fortune Magazine