Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eat Local at New Brookside Restaurant

The AT team believes in local shopping and local eating. That's why we are pleased to put in a good word for The Local Table, a new Brookside restaurant that follows the "keep in local" creed.

The restaurant, operated by Tuck and Kate Curren, uses seasonal, locally grown produce to prepare a range of daily selections. The restaurant buys from local sources, including Nyuka Farms, an agricultural enterprise we have promoted before on this site.

We also want to plug the Curren's neighborhood dining philosophy. Kate Curren told the Tulsa World that she wants the restaurant to be a family friendly, price-conscious place for everyday dining, not just special occasions.

The Local Table is located at 4329 S. Peoria, at the other end of the shopping center where the Curren's other restaurant, Biga, is located.

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