Friday, August 17, 2007

Tulsa's OK Eagle Praises Clinton's Visit

The Oklahoma Eagle, Tulsa's historic African American newspaper, had some kind words for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton following her recent Tulsa fundraiser.

In an editorial published in the August 16 edition, the Eagle pointed out that Clinton has gathered momentum in her run for the White House.

The Eagle notes that no Democrat has won Oklahoma in decades. Yet the editors write that Clinton "has enormous appeal in the black community, in the Hispanic world, among women and with a group of folks that some might call the 'old guard' in Oklahoma politics."

The Eagle editors said they were impressed with the energy and intensity of the crowd at the Clinton fundraiser, which was held at the new Jazz Depot downtown.

Among those in attendance were NAACP Chief Pleas Thompson, former state senator Penny Williams, and former state attorney general Mike Turpin.


Dan Paden said...

The Eagle can praise Mrs. Clinton all it likes, but c'mon--sooner or later, y'gotsta face the fact that if she wins the White House, she'll do it without Oklahoma.

Tulsan said...

You're probably right, Dan, but I think this next election will have quite a few surprises in store, maybe even in Oklahoma.

Tulsan said...

An interesting sidebar at the WSJ from the author of the new book, "Richistan":

Tulsan said...

Why the Dems Have Become the Party of Wealth