Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fred's Fundraising Falls Short of Expectations

Former Sen. Fred Thompson's presidential fundraising efforts have fallen short of expectations.

Press reports this week show that Thompson's almost-but-not-quite White House campaign has raised some $3.4 million to date. The campaign had expected to raise about $5 million.

Perhaps the senator's fundraising will increase if and when he formally announces his candidacy. One of the pundits we heard discussing the senator's money situation said the shortfall was "damaging, but not fatal."

As we have noted in earlier posts, the Fred Thompson buzz in Republican circles has been tremendous. But many questions remain about Thompson's viability.

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Tulsan said...

I understand that Thompson is probably holding off until September to declare. This is because of his TV series, "Law and Order."

If he became an official candidate before that time, the stations running the show might be forced to offer equal time to the other candidates, or would be forced not to show it at all. Both Fred's income and that of all the folks who work on the show would be impacted.

This course might work against him. Some of the big bucks contributors might not pony up until he is official, but if he waits until September, he may not have a viable candidacy. It will be interesting.