Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unlike Sen. Inhofe, Justice Scalia Praises Elana Kagan

The reliably reactionary Jim Inhofe was the first Republican senator to oppose Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Naturally. Sen. Inhofe is so far off the radar that he would oppose Jesus himself if President Obama had the wherewithal to appoint Him to the court.

But thinking conservatives have a different view, as we see below:
Countering the criticism of Republican senators, the Supreme Court’s “most outspoken conservative,” Justice Antonin Scalia, praised Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for not having served as a judge. “When I first came to the Supreme Court, three of my colleagues had never been a federal judge,” Scalia said yesterday. “I am happy to see that this latest nominee is not a federal judge – and not a judge at all,” he added.

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