Sunday, May 30, 2010

Capital Blowhards: World Editorial Blasts Oklahoma Legislature

We don't get down to Oklahoma City all that often, so our knowledge of the Oklahoma legislature is second-hand.

But from everything we hear, the legislative session that ended last week was long on bluster and short on substance.

We aren't the only ones who think so. The Tulsa World noted that the best thing about this session of the  legislature was its ending.

From the World:
Yet again and again and again, the Legislature set aside important issues to debate what inconveniences, irritations, embarrassments and unconstitutional burdens it could lay upon women seeking abortions.

Meanwhile, a state budget crisis left the state's public schools starving for money and prisons dangerously understaffed, but lawmakers were too busy working on plans to keep lucrative corporate-welfare tax incentives flowing to their wealthy political donors.

There might not be enough money to pay for janitors to clean the restrooms of public schools, but there were millions available for a select few oilmen.
Read the entire editorial here.


Tulsan said...

Tulsan: Our good buddy, Man of the West, has unburdened himself about this editorial. Some of his remarks:

MotW: For Whirled, read 'World,' said usage originating with Michael Bates, still far and away the best blogger in the Tulsa area.

Tulsan: Again with this weary and legless coinage. Bates seems weary himself these days, he barely gets off a post a week. If you like formerly prolific right-wing bloggers with a grudge against the Tulsa World, he is your man, for sure.

MotW: ...I can get all the news I want, even local news, through other outlets, and it's not only free, it comes without the Whirled's dripping condescension toward the way the overwhelming majority of Oklahomans I know think.

Tulsan: Man of the West has dropped the same "dripping condescension" term on us here as well. Is the phrase welded together like "stately Wayne Manor"?

I'll bite, though; there are a lot of yay-hoos in this state. Just because we have more than our share doesn't make them any more sensible.

MotW: ...Republicans are currently in charge in Oklahoma is due in no small part to Democrats' slavish obeisance to abortionists and their clients.

Tulsan: Really? Abortion providers and their clients are big power players in this state? Pardon me, I drip disbelief.

MotW: We need to be less concerned about sticking it to the oilmen, or to anyone else, and more concerned with not funding idiocy and classic moral hazards.

Tulsan: Good timing on the oilmen comment, as the greatest man-made ecological disaster in history unfolds, due to the negligence of oilmen.

The non-funding of "classic moral hazards" (presumably abortion) should be a top priority? Doesn't sound too convincing.

MotW: "A dangerous Oklahoma militia." I'd be laughing if I weren't so close to crying.

Tulsan: Whatever conception the founders had of a "well armed and well regulated militia" (and there is much dispute about that,) I doubt our motley collection of hot-talking gun nuts would match it. Well-regulated? By whom, Rush, Beck and Boortz?

MotW: Oklahomans, by and large, object mightily to Obamacare. They don't like it conceptually, and they don't like it constitutionally.

Tulsan: Republicans are rightly worried that once people have affordable healthcare, they will like it a lot. Most of these Oklahoma constitutional scholars and conceptualists like their Medicare and Social Security, "cold, dead fingers" like them, I might say, despite supposedly hating socialism.

Obamacare has something for the money-minded, too: According to the non-partisan CBO, the legislation will reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the first decade and by $1.2 trillion in the second.

Could it be that Oklahomans will come around? Give them about twenty-five years, and Obamacare will be sacrosanct. Nice of the GOP to build into the name future recognition of which party to credit.

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