Saturday, May 22, 2010

Propagating a Myth: Tulsa Chiggers Blog Goes 'Birther'

Some myths just won't die.

No matter how much evidence is amassed by credible sources, some folks continue to believe that the moon landing was staged in Arizona and that Elvis is alive—along with Marilyn Monroe and JFK—somewhere in Argentina. (Fat chance.)

None of this makes much sense, of course, just like the fantasy that Barack Obama was born in Africa and is not, therefore, the legitimate president of the U.S. (Yawn…)

Which brings us to a recent post by Tulsa Chiggers, a post propagating this bit of nonsense:
Unable and unwilling to simply prove his own citizenship, President Obama seeks to cheapen my U.S. citizenship to nothing more than a prize giveaway in a box of cereal.
Sorry, no. This is simply wrong. President Obama was born in Hawaii and is the actual an legitimate president. Deal with it.


Tulsan said...

That one is past its expiration date.

Tulsan said...

The Right has an ongoing conflict with reality.

They've developed the flabby habit of making up whatever story suits their needs and then believing it.

Good time for them to break that one. Increasingly, it's getting them less than nowhere.

Monk-in-Training said...

Do you think it has to do with religious fundamentalism's embrace of fantastical explanations of the Scriptures which I think result in severe disconnect with reality? I think it is often called cognitive dissonance.

Br. James Patick

Tulsan said...

In a way. They seem to pride themselves on cleaning-and-jerking the most unsupportable notions.

Having built up all that "musculature,", the only way to show it off is to believe yet more ridiculous things.

I don't understand why they see this as a virtue. It certainly hasn't paid off for mankind.

Tulsan said...

Hmmm, so are they flabby or muscular? Muscular in developing a flabby habit? Sounds like a painfully bad metaphor, and it is, but there's a nugget of truth in there.

It's true that people who are obsessed with self-discipline often need it to control an undisciplined and threatening part of themselves.

Fundamentalists seem to need to hang the threat of hellfire over themselves to keep their own behavior under control (and often fail anyway.)