Friday, May 28, 2010

Sally Bell Tax Flip-flop: Against Taxes Except When It Helps Bell's

Gotta love those flip-floppin' anti-tax conservatives who hate all taxes except those that benefit the family business.

We're speaking of Sally Bell and the possible relocation of Bell's Amusement Park to Wagoner County. Bell's is asking for Wagoner County voters to approve a new tax to support the relocation.

But as the Tulsa World has pointed out, this is a huge and highly hypocritical flip-flop for Sally Bell, who is a 1950s-style GOP conservative, still looking for secret Commies behind every Tulsa County rock and tree.

And now the anti-tax Bell family needs—oops!—a new tax to help the family amusement park. As the World editorial noted, this is rich in irony. 

Read the World's editorial here.


Tulsan said...

Maybe Sally has been riding the Tilt-A-Whirl so long it mixed up her values.

After Bates rode the Tuls-A-Whirled too long, he got lax with his facts and was sued. Isn't there an anniversary coming up soon?

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