Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mike Needs His Morning Coffee: It's Bennett, Not Lee, Who Angered Conservatives

Mike McCarville runs a popular conservative political blog in Oklahoma City, giving his view of the state's political news and views.

But sometimes Mike gets gummed up on the facts.

For example: Mike got confused on the Utah battle between the conservatives and the ultra-conservatives. In yesterday's GOP jousting, Sen. Bob Bennett was ousted by Tea Party activist Mike Lee. 

Unfortunately for McCarville, he concluded his report with this error:
Lee angered conservatives with his support of Obamacare and the Wall Street bailout.
Well, no. That's exactly backwards. 

UPDATE: We see that McCarville has corrected his post.  Good work, Mike. 


Tulsan said...

Probably an honest typo. Bennett just isn't as loony a wingnut as Utah's GOP desires at this time, though he would be plenty loony enough for any other time.

Tulsan said...

The Grand Old Party is the Old Teabag Party.