Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Makin' Stuff Up, Again: Times Square Bomber is a Democrat (Except that He's Not)

The Right loves to point fingers and blame all the nation's problems on Liberals and Democrats. It's so easy, especially when you can invent your own "facts" to make your point.

Media Matters is reporting today that Right-wing bloggers and their radio counterparts are reporting (only in a very loose sense of the word) that the Times Square bomb suspect is a registered Democrat and an Obama supporter to boot. 

Of course, he would have to be, wouldn't he?

At least that's what the blowhards say. One teeny little problem: Lack of evidence. The facts haven't backed up this "truth."

The full story is explained here.


Tulsan said...

George A. Rekers, cofounder of the Family Research Council with James Dobson, and key leader of the "ex-gay" movement for years, was caught a few days ago coming home from a ten day European vacation with a male prostitute he'd found on

Rekers first claimed he didn't know the man was a prostitute, then said he'd hired him to carry his luggage and finally went with he was trying to bring him the message of Jesus.


Why don't we order a truckload of sandwich boards that say "I'm gay" for all these righteous crusaders? It would save everyone time.

Tulsan said...

(Sorry about the duplication; I thought Blogger ate my homework the first time.)