Monday, May 24, 2010

South Carolina's Sexually Compromised Republicans: Nikki Haley, Palin's Pick, Eats Crow, Big Time

Talk about eating crow. Check out today's latest political news from South Carolina, courtesy of our friends as TPM:

Tea Party favorite and Sarah Palin endorsee Nikki Haley was asked the following question:
Mark Sanford, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, all men who have cheated on their wives while in power. When faced with opportunities and temptations that come with power, how do you stay true to your family, your faith, and your values?
Haley's answer:
You know, I think the answer is you keep the Lord, you keep your family and you keep your friends very close. And you always remember that you have to stay as humble as possible, and understand that service is just that -- it is service. And you are being held to a higher standard, and so you have much more service that you have to give. And you're a role model to everybody that follows you.

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Tulsan said...

Just another in the long and wearisome list. I get it, family values Republicans are far more likely to transgress than anyone else.

Not a great endorsement for their beliefs. Some, including me, would find it more persuasive if so-called Christians acted at least statistically better than average. Not the case at all; staistically much worse.

Makes one think that their profession of values and religion is a sham. Or maybe this belief set attracts especially flawed people.