Monday, May 10, 2010

Defending Slavery: GOP Pulls Out the Stops to Attack Nominee Kagan

Ah, yes. The Right is once again "going rogue"—or, in plain language, lying—in its most recent attack on anything to do with President Barack Obama. 

Today's dust-up concerns the president's new supreme court nominee, Elena Kagan. As it happens, Kagan once quoted Justice Thurgood Marshall, who noted (correctly) that the Constitution was a "defective" document.

Why? There was that small issue of counting slaves as three-fifths of a person, which would, by any reasonable standard today, render the Constitution defective. 

But the GOP is now demanding that Kagan explain herself and acknowledge the error of her ways. Really.

The full story is here.


Tulsan said...

The GOP is trying to figure out how to introduce the topic of her sexuality. They'll probably use the farm team bloggers to inject the topic, have Drudge pick it up, then Fox, i.e., their normal salacious channels of distribution.

Long-term, a loser strategy. The audience for that material is aging, and badly. Younger people do not share the spastic fears of the old white people's party.

They don't hope to deny the nomination, merely work it for political gain. I hope it blows up in their faces.

Tulsan said...

And defending "3/5 of a person"... The GOP's crappy little pageant will be running all summer.