Monday, September 28, 2009

Right-wing Hysteria Gets a Little More Dangerous: Guns and Crazies

The U.S. has elections as a way of peacefully transferring power. One side wins, the other loses and life goes on.

Every two years, we get to vote for congress again. Every four years, we can change presidents if we choose.

But some of the Right don't seem to agree. They talk overheated nonsense and urge violent revolution. (We are not making this up.) Obama's a socialist. He's a Nazi. He's a foreigner. He's un-American.

Well, no. But he was elected president and he's the legitimate holder of that office, no matter what fantasies the 'birthers' believe.

We had an election and Obama won. If you don't like it, protest all you want. But don't threaten violence and promote violence. It's way past time for some sensible Republicans to help stamp out the nonsense.

If you don't believe us, check this link out. It's as nutty as it is scary. Details here.


Comradio said...

Months ago, I came here saying the needed to begin to organize a legitimate resistance to these folks. A show of force to say, we have a right to a voice in America too, not just the right wing. That Obama has the right to complete his term/s in office. To show, we will not just lie down.

I was told, give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Well, I'll ask again, have they hung("Fed")enough other people yet? Do they need to take out the chief gardener, again?

I'm ashamed of the left. We went all in on a President, thn went home, and we're going to lose it all because we are not prepared.

I began saying this on Nov. 5th, here ad everywhere else I could, warning of what was coming. No one listened.

OUR predecessors would be ashamed.

Tulsan said...

Since you have given this some thought, what salient methods of resistance do you recommend?

Keep in mind that the left (or at least the non-right) is inherently less susceptible to Beck-like sheep calls.

Comradio said...

I don't pretend to have ALL the answers. You are correct in your assessment of the "non-right's" susceptability, also. However intelligent the tendency to not shout back "How high?!" when told to jump, from the left, may be, it is in this day and age a "political" disadvantage.

Those that are the most motivated and fall in line most easily are those who tend to eat up the orders when the messengers tell them exactly what they want to hear.

But, methods of resistence? People need to see something. They need to be given something to look at, not "Beck-like sheep calls." The focus can not and should not be drawn into terms of simply opposing the right, but supporting ideas from the left, defending them, standing up for them, and... in the process opposing the fool herders on the right.

They seek to deligitimize us as "real" Americans. Marginalize our ideals as not in line with tradition. Undermine elections that don't go their way and with veiled sentiments of, even when we lose, the country still must be governed the way we want.

They seek to resign us back to the backseat of America, again.

What you need is a spark, a clearly defined image that calls them out and says, like it or not, this is just as much our country as it is yours.

The actual form it takes, well, there isn't much new in that forum. Non-violent resistence is still the best weapon. It's the target that needs to change. We aren't protesting the government in the same manner as before, though we should be when it is or has been necessary.

Think lunch counters. Think situations that are garuanteed to elicit a reaction from the right. Provoking a direct response then and there, not by talking heads but by the fundamentalists in their own element.

Deliberately, non-violently, and maturely find a nerve we can hit that provokes a reaction towards the participants.

Bam, the sun begins to shine on them and it will he harder everytime it happens for them to claim that the rhetoric is NOT leading to a degredation of civility with a possibility of much greater violence and discord.

At least, that's one idea. We are in the proverbial lion's den here of course. It doesn't seem like it would be exactly that difficult to achieve here. It's just the initial targets that need to be severely strategized.

But, like I said, give people something to look at. Then the next step would be to solidify it into a legitimate organization that has it's own goals, if step 1 succeeds in creating a stir. The presentation of said group must again be respectable and adult with serious beliefs, etc...

THAT, if it can succeed to that point is your counter-weight to those on the right who wish to go too far. Nothing scares them more than organized, vocal, and unafraid groups of people with a serious stance that just happens to be "non-right".

Placing the thought in their heads, we can't just kill him and win. We can't just marginalize and delitigmize them and win. We're gonna have to take THEM on too.

You asked me what I thought. So there is some theory. Kind of hard to give it substance though when no one seems to have any will to do more than sit back and just wait for that other shoe to drop.

I guess we'll just leave protecting our rights to exert OUR influence on OUR government and politics, and the effective push back against these fundamentalists to Congress and Obama though, hey we voted right?!

Comradio said...

Note: forgive any grammatical shortcomings. These things are written in one fail swoop on a phone without proofreading. I trust you can get the picture.

Comradio said...

Right now, people only see who is yelling the loudest on any given day. Like any good sport it does supply it's satisfaction when your team scores, hence the appeal and success. Senationalism marks the day. Ratings. Character assassinations. Obstructionism and talk talk talk talk talk.

The people need something to make it real. One way or another, it is my belief, they are going to end up getting it.

My point is, do we use that reality? Prepare for it? Strategize for it? Perhaps bring onto our terms?

Or do we just watch the game? I assure you, the other team is going to show up.

Tulsan said...

Now this guy may have the right idea: Rep. Grayson (D-FL): Republicans Are 'Foot-Dragging, Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals'

Speak the truth and don't apologize.