Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Campaign Update: Bartlett Swamps Medlock in Mayoral Fundraising

The Tulsa GOP money machine is putting its dollars into the mayoral campaign of Dewey Bartlett Jr., leaving challenger Chris Medlock well behind in the dash for cash.

The Tulsa World reported today that Bartlett has raised $286,000 to Medlock's $48,000 campaign war chest.

Even worse for Medlock, the report shows that he has spend most of his money, more than $45,000. Bartlett has well over $100,000 on hand—a huge advantage as the campaign enters its final phase.

Anna Falling, another Republican contender, didn't file the required report, the World reported.


Tulsan said...

Bates has counted Falling out. The voters have a dim memory of Mudflap's nihilistic antics. That leaves Bartlett for the GOP.

Tulsan said...

The Tulsa World photographer captured all the key elements of Medlock's press conference:

1. Rude poster belittling his opponent.

2. Prominent misspelling: "concercative"

3. Angry expression with his mouth flapped open.


Tulsan said...

Try again:


Tulsan said...

Hey, that misspelling was Medlock's idea of a joke on Bartlett, whose name was misspelled in his own brochure.

Very funny, Chris. I'm sure you'll pardon all of us whose expectations weren't violated at all by seeing a gross error in your presentation.

Be sure to buttonhole everyone and let them know it was only good-natured ridicule of your fellow GOPer.

Tulsan said...

Batesline is a putting a smackdown on Bartlett. Don't think it'll do much good, except to keep Medlock-Bates out of gov't. But Adelson has a good shot, too.

Tulsan said...

Like, a REAL good shot after all the mudslinging within the GOP camp.

Wasn't it St. Reagan who commanded "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican"?