Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oklahoma Poll Puts Bartlett Ahead of Adelson

The Tulsa World reported today that Dewey Bartlett is 10 points ahead of Tom Adelson in the race to be Tulsa's next mayor.

The poll results show Bartlett with 46 percent, Adelson at 36 percent, and the "Don't know/refused" category at 18 percent.

The Oklahoma Poll was taken before Tuesday's mayoral primary, a fact which certainly colors the results.

The World also noted that the race is a rematch of the 2004 race when Adelson beat Bartlett for the District 33 state senate race.

Both Bartlett, a Republican, and Adelson, a Democrat, have raised a substantial amount of money for the mayoral race.

Bartlett has the advantage in name recognition, since his family has a long history in Republican politics in Oklahoma.

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Tulsan said...

I breathe a sigh of relief, because I don't think either of the candidates are lunatics.

Medlock and Falling should join the Tay-Burns-Jenner club of also-ran attention hounds.