Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dewey Up: Conservative Candidates Fall in GOP Mayoral Primary

The far-right wing of the Tulsa Republican Party failed to stop the Dewey Bartlett freight train Tuesday as the Tulsa oilman blew past conservative challengers Chris Medlock and Anna Falling.

Michael Bates of Batesline and other Tulsa conservative bloggers have been promoting Medlock for weeks, an effort that included attacks on Bartlett as insufficiently conservative to be a true Republican.

It didn't work. Bartlett received 5,000 more votes than Medlock, with Falling nearly 10,000 votes further down. Despite all their noise, conservative bloggers and their allies remain a political minority in Tulsa.

The Tulsa World reported these vote totals Tuesday night:
Dewey Bartlett Jr.: 12,061
Chris Medlock: 7,004
Anna Falling: 2,178

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