Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Five Biggest Lies about Health Care Reform

We like a vigorous debate. Democracy, after all, needs the vitality of argument and discussion in order to seek the truth and best serve its citizens.

We don't like lying—making stuff up and pretending that the lies are legitimate parts of the political process.

Courtesy of Newsweek, here are five major whoppers in the health care debate. The Daily Kos story, with a link to Newsweek, is here: Five Biggest Lies: Brought to you by the GOP.


Man of the West said...

Why does anyone care what the GOP says about this?

Seriously--you have the presidency. You have substantial majorities in both houses of Congress. Until the "Lion of the Senate" croaked, you had a filibuster-proof majority there.

There's not a thing stopping Democrats from passing any bill they want, yet they seem unable to coordinate themselves well enough to so much as wipe their backsides.

You're completely in charge and the problem is still GOP lies! One can be forgiven for wondering just how big your majorities have to grow before you feel too embarrassed to blame the GOP for your failures anymore.

Tulsan said...

I must somewhat agree with MotW on this.

The truth is that at this juncture, Democrats simply do not line up as effectively as Republicans have in recent years. Here's hoping they re-learn how.

Tulsan said...

But like AT, I don't care for the wholesale lying and fabrication that is now standard operating procedure for the GOP.

You'd suppose these hysterical fear mongers would have really worn out their welcome by now.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Is MotW really endorsing deliberate lying as a political tactic? Seems awfully cynical to us. We don't think he means it, but many on the Right do. Ever listen to talk radio?

Assisted Living Tulsa said...

I like AT and not care about wholesale lying.