Wednesday, September 9, 2009

California Meltdown: Dirty-Talking GOP Lawmaker Resigns

Here we go again: The Republican "family values" types who can't live up to their ideals.

They don't even try. Apparently, it's do as I say, not as I do. Morality is for the common people.

Here's today's GOP hypocrite, courtesy of The Daily Beast:
Countless politicians have been caught in awkward positions in earshot of a hot mic, but the case of Michael Duvall, a Republican California Assemblyman, outdoes them all: Following a shockingly graphic conversation caught-on-tape conversation about sexual adventures with two women—one of whom is reportedly an energy lobbyist and neither of whom is his wife—Duvall resigned from office on Wednesday. Duvall, who is vice chair of the Committee on Utilities & Commerce and a champion of “family values,” whispered such raunchy comments as, "So, I am getting into spanking her. Yeah, I like it. I like spanking her."
There's more, but you get the idea.

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Tulsan said...

Oops, the guy just remembered he didn't really have any sexual flings. Maybe he can un-resign.