Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sen. Coburn's Advice Ignored in Sen. Ensign's Sex Scandal

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is by all accounts a straight arrow. Very straight. But it's hard to say that about his senate pal, Nevada Sen. John Ensign.

You remember Sen. Ensign. He's the Republican Christian conservative (and one-time presidential hopeful) who recently admitted having a sexual relationship with the wife of one of his staffers. Oops!

Today, press reports indicate that Sen. Coburn became aware of the affair at some point and urged Ensign to end it. Had Ensign followed Coburn's advice, the Oklahoma senator's spokesman said, the affair would have ended long before it did.

The Tulsa World has details.

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Tulsan said...

TPM put it succinctly:

Headline: "Sen. Ensign, Meet Underside of Bus"

Coburn spokesman John Hart tells Politico:

"Dr. Coburn did everything he could to encourage Senator Ensign to end his affair and to persuade Senator Ensign to repair the damage he had caused to his own marriage and the Hampton's marriage. Had Senator Ensign followed Dr. Coburn's advice, this episode would have ended, and been made public, long ago."