Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Medlock's Inferiority Complex on Display in Mayoral Announcement

Poor Chris Medlock.

In a press conference today announcing his bid for Tulsa mayor, Medlock pleaded poverty. "I'm not a millionaire," he said.

And—get this—he drives a Dodge! (Do they still make those?)

Poor Chrisalways the outsider, always poor! Woe is Chris! So unloved.

But maybe the voters of Tulsa will love him and elect him mayor. Then, just maybe, he won't feel so bad about himself. After all, it's all about Chris.

Read the Tulsa World story on the Medlock press conference here.


Tulsan said...

Once again, some of the comments are right on target:

LeftieTulsan (not me):

"Medlock is the local version of Rush Limbaugh. He is arrogant, pompous, uninformed, and great to laugh at. The 'multitude of people asking him' to run for mayor probably consists of his wife and the numerous voices in his head. It should be an interesting Republican primary."

Tulsan said...

Medlock said at the press onference: “I guess I would seek to put myself out of a job.”

Ha. Fat chance of that if he could get the (or any) job.

victor said...

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Anonymous said...


He is the one who can unite the republican party and gurantee a win for the general election. This is becuase Medlock supporters won't support Dewy, and Dewy supporters won't support Medlock.