Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From Media Matters: Did you hear the one about the sleazy Obama photo? Don't buy it.

The right-wing noise machine plays fast and loose with the truth: A report on Drudge, Fox and other outlets twisting an Obama non-story to suit their own purposes.

Check it out here: The sleazy Obama photo? Don't buy it.


Tulsan said...

Are conservatives inherently dishonest? It seems so. They have a never-ending appetite for this kind of stuff.

Tulsan said...

Addressing that point further:

Who Needs Facts? at TPM

"Most of the right-wing 'news' sites have no interest in being journalists. That's not what they're about and that's not what they see as their primary function, which is advocacy."

They do like to pass themselves off as real news sites, though.

Tulsan said...

The truth about the Obama photo never mattered to its intended audience.

The whole point was to get it out there and let the Southern-fried be wowed by the image of a black man ogling a white woman.

ABC's Jake Tepper is a disgrace. He ought to have his Twitter removed.

Tulsan said...

Sorry, that's Tapper, not Tepper.