Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Political Hill Gets Steeper for Medlock, Falling

The GOP race for Tulsa mayor got a little more lopsided today after eight Republican leaders lined up behind the best-known candidate and apparent front-runner, Dewy Bartlett Jr.

The endorsement is a major blow to the GOP outsiders seeking the Republican nomination, including former city councilors Chris Medlock and Anna Falling.

Beyond endorsements and name recognition, Bartlett has much deeper pockets than the other candidates, another factor that is likely to tip the balance in Bartlett's favor.

Here's more on the story from the Tulsa World:
Eight Tulsa-area Republican Party leaders endorsed mayoral candidate Dewey Bartlett Jr. on Tuesday night for the GOP nomination in the 11-member primary race.

Bartlett said at a news conference in Hunter Park that it is "unprecedented" for such leaders to take sides in a primary election battle, which is set for a vote Sept. 8.

Those endorsing him are state Sens. Mike Mazzei of Tulsa and Brian Bingman of Sapulpa; state Reps. Dan Sullivan of Tulsa, Fred Jordan of Jenks and Ron Peters of Tulsa; former Tulsa County Republican Party chairmen Terry Simonson and Don Burdick; and former state House Speaker Todd Hiett of Kellyville, who is now the finance chairman for the Oklahoma Republican Party.


Tulsan said...

Medlock and Falling have already had their fifteen, and they weren't pleasant.

Man of the West said...

Whilst agreeing with you that (sadly) Dewey Bartlett is leading the pack and likely to win, I still liked Steve Roemerman's take on it. I quote at length:

"This morning Dewey Bartlett Jr. is touting his new endorsements...But lets take a closer look at who these guys are. Then we can ask ourselves if we care

Mike Mazzei - He is from Bixby.
Brian Bingman - He is from Sapulpa.
Dan Sullivan - Sullivan is a Midtowner
Fred Jordan - Remember this guy? He is from Jenks.
Ron Peters - Mid-Town Guy.
Terry Simonson - Simonson works for the County....Chris has come out against County Sales tax...this is not surprising.
Don Burdick - I like Don, but he is a Downtown Booster.
Todd Hiett - He is from Kellyville.

So these guys either aren't From Tulsa, and probably don't have Tulsa's best interests at heart, or are Mid-Town and Downtown power brokers...

Chris is going to represent the parts of Tulsa that aren't mid-town and downtown, and that scares a lot of elites. See past the rhetoric and see these endorsements for what they attempt to keep an elite in the office of Mayor."

No, Chris Medlock isn't the perfect candidate. Haven't got any perfect candidates around. But it is sad, to my mind, that a relatively small clique of people are so tightly knit that our likely Republican nominee recently endorsed the reelection of a Democratic mayor whom many of us consider to have been less than stellar. It seems to me that it is more important to that crowd to have one of their own in office, regardless of party, and since that's where the money is--well, what did Taylor spend on her last race? A cool million or so? Something like that? That's an awfully high bar to set for a mayoral contest, and I fear that in setting it, Tulsa's been saddled in perpetuity with a de facto requirement that a mayoral candidate be independently wealthy.

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