Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who Would Jesus Starve? Colbert Lambasts Missouri Rep. Davis on Hungry Children

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Tulsan said...

No more Palin to kick around any more?

Tulsan said...

She's done. Sorry tea-baggers, you won't get another chance to vote for her.

Tulsan said...

Wonkette says it best:

"...we should all appreciate the wonderful present — a present in which Sarah Palin is nothing more than a punchline. Because, had things gone very differently in November, this dangerous delusional numbskull would’ve been just an Ambien overdose away from the presidency."

I really did lose sleep over that distinct possibility in the run-up tot he election, and for good reason.

If the economy hadn't melted down, and if McCain hadn't been such an erratic candidate, this imbecile could easily have become President of the United States.

But now she is only a bizarre footnote. Hallelujah!

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