Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paul Krugman on the GOP Response to Obama

Columnist Paul Krugman on the Republicans' inability to deal intelligently or even rationally with a president (any president) from a party other than their own:
It’s no secret that the reaction of a significant number of Republicans to the presidency of Barack Obama has been a bit, well, insane. And don’t start making false equivalences by talking about some video someone once posted on MoveOn’s web site, or some comment someone once posted at Daily Kos. Did any U.S. Senators compare the Bush administration to Germany on the eve of World War II [as South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint did the other day]? I don’t think so.

So what’s going on? Is it the fact that Obama is black? Actually, I don’t think so: there was a comparable level of craziness in 1993 — Bill Clinton is a drug smuggler, Hillary murdered Vince Foster. What’s basically going on is that a significant part of the modern GOP can’t accept the idea of a Democratic president.


Tulsan said...

Too bad. Now if we could just persuade some of the Democratic Congresspersons to accept it.

Tulsan said...

There's a bit more to the GOP insanity than Obama being a Democrat.

Josh Marshall summed it up today:

"...the best way to understand the 'birther' craze is as a proxy for people who don't want to accept a black man with a Arabic-derived first name as President of the United States. Really as simple as that."